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Great teacher who has helped me go from rookie who could not play anything to someone who can strum numerous songs. Great teacher that I highly recommend.

My daughter has been taking lessons from Lee for a few months now and is really enjoying her time spent at the studio. Lee gives gentle instruction while keeping it fun and lively... highly recommend!
"Lee is our guitar instructor for grandchildren 6 yr old James and 8 yr old William. He does a fine job teaching the boys and is extremely patient. The boys enjoy their lesson time!"-Mary Lynda Frommer, 2004
"Lee has helped me learn the styles I always wanted to, and now I’m playing lead guitar with several bands around town."Dan Davie, local guitarist, May 2007

I am writing to let you know that you had a tremendous impact on Brian and that music is and forever will be interwoven into his life.  Your approach to present him with different techniques and ways to learn music enabled him to take what he wanted on his terms (the way he seems to learn) and create something pretty cool. You taught him how to hear a song and then figure it out - this he does at a level that I, as a limited musician, find stunning. In summary, I wanted to let you know the ...

I've learned so much in such a short time and have grown to really love guitar. Lee's a great teacher and I definitely recommend him!
One of the best groupons purchased in awhile. Lee is an excellent teacher who adapts core concepts for music and makes it relevant to what you really came to guitar lessons for, playing songs that you actually want to learn how to play. He really knows his stuff and I definitely recommend taking lessons with him.
"If you’re looking for a place to learn guitar or bass, this is the place to be. Lee provides a friendly environment and offers lessons that suit the needs of the student. Can’t wait to learn more!"James Staiger, 2010
"Boulder Guitar Studio is an amazing professional lesson program. The program caters to your needs and wants as a player, and teaches music theory as well as the songs you chose. I highly recommend Boulder Guitar Studio for any player, (new or experienced)."Max Dorfman, 2010
"Natalie loves taking guitar lessons with Lee. He is patient and lets Natalie learn at her own pace. Lee does a great job of combining chords, notes , and songs in a fun relaxed environment. Natalie looks forward to her guitar lesson each week."Carrie Nitchoff, Mother of 7 year old Natalie , 2004

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