Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO

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Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO


Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO

Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO

There are several important factors to consider when you are going to sign up for music classes or instruction. This article will discuss several of these important factors, as well as offer a few bonus tips and suggestions. Items for discussion include the following:

I. Where to take lessons?

II. Theory and Technique or Favorite Songs? or Both?

III. Acoustic or Electric?

Where to take lessons?

When considering this decision, there are a few good things to keep in mind. First, Stores and Studios don’t offer much privacy. Unless its a private studio like Boulder Guitar Studio. Otherwise your lesson room is often next door to other lessons rooms. You can hear the next door Clarinet screech! Trust me I have taught at stores and studios! We are conveniently located just NE of Boulder, SW of Longmont, basically 15 mins from anywhere! Finally, online lessons can not answer your questions, or create custom programs to suit your needs. The video cant reach over and adjust your hand position so you FEEL what you are supposed to be doing. Ultimately, a human instructor can prevent years of bad habits, in just a few seconds.


Theory and Technique or Favorite Songs? or Both?


We think a balanced program is the best option. You need some structure and foundation to improve. However you also need songs to apply what you are learning. Our programs contain customized information and skills building, catered to YOUR favorite songs and styles! This helps you apply the technical portion of lessons with the mechanical side. Plus, its much more FUN to have a balanced approach!


Acoustic or Electric?


This is another important question. What kind of music you want to play will help decide. Nylon string acoustic guitars are best for classical, bossa nova, and possibly folk music. Steel string acoustics are good for rock, pop, blues, bluegrass, folk, americana and more. Electric guitars require an amp and therefore a power source. No camping for those guys! Unless you get battery powered amps. Finally, if you aren’t sure what styles you like, your instructor can help you figure that out.



Getting Started


If you are interested to find out more about guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, dobro lessons, lap steel lessons, songwriting lessons, home recording and producing email Also, you can also read more on our about page. Finally, you can find all our positive reviews on our testimonials page and our listings on Facebook, and Yelp.


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Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO

Guitar, Voice, Ukulele Classes Boulder CO


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