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Acoustic Guitar Lessons Near MeBoulder Guitar Studio offers custom lesson programs for voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, dobro, banjo, lap steel, harmonica, music theory, songwriting, home recording and more. Instructor Lee Johnson has been teaching full time for 22 years. Lee’s studio is a 10-20 min drive from Front Range CO areas such as Boulder, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Longmont, Lafayette, Erie, Louisville and Superior. However Lee also offers lessons via skype. Students anywhere in the world can take lessons at Boulder Guitar Studio. You will need a high speed internet connection and it helps to have a printer handy. Lee can email PDF documents to print and use during the lesson. Also, Lee can send recordings and practice tracks to practice your songs along at a slower beat. This method is extremely effective. If have tried searching for Guitar Lessons Near Me, you have found the right place!


Guitar Lessons Near Me:

Electric Guitar Lessons Near MeYou may be searching for a guitar teacher, or voice teacher. Perhaps you are searching for a teacher for bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, dobro, banjo, lap steel, harmonica, music theory or songwriting. Also if you plan to record your songs you need to learn about home recording options. Lee uses protools, and logic mainly. Finally, Lee can help you with any and all of these types of goals.


Guitar Lessons Online:

Guitar Lessons OnlineMany people are searching for guitar lessons online. We feel that pre recorded video lessons are a good supplement to a real lesson program. However there are many shortcomings. Having a live teacher who can offer feedback on the spot is critical. At Boulder Guitar Studio, we have skype lessons with students as far away as France. We can do this very effectively using skype, or google hangout. If you have a printer and computer instructor Lee Johnson can send you info via email to use during the lessons. Lee can offer feedback live to prevent you from forming bad habits. These habits can be tough to break. We want to save you the hassle of having to break bad habits by getting in a solid lesson program.


Custom Lesson Program:


Bass Lessons Near MeInstructor Lee Johnson will create a custom lesson program to suit your needs. First, you can learn basic techniques so you feel comfortable. As you progress, Lee will challenge you with new skills that relate to songs you want to learn. In addition, you can learn more advanced techniques, skills, knowledge. Subsequently, this provides the foundation you need. Also, music theory can help you learn what key you are in. This in turn helps you know what the common or “diatonic” chords are. Finally there are also other variations and modifications to the diatonic chords in a key. These include color chords, connector chords, and substitute chords. How to know which is which and how to use them? To get a custom lesson program, email


Learn Your Favorite Songs:

First, you get started building your foundation as we mentioned above. Next, Lee will start teaching you your favorite songs as soon as possible. Also, making a playlist in your phone or device can help for in person lessons. A playlist can be shared or emailed in advance for online students. Lee can write out exact parts and email the TAB. Have you tried searching for online TAB and wondered why its never correct? lee Johnson can write out the song exactly the correct way. In addition, Lee can create arrangements that work for your purposes. If a song is played with a full band and you want to play it solo acoustic, Lee is a specialist at helping you reach your goals!


Learn Guitar Online:

To sign up for lessons email and include days and times you prefer. Lee Johnson will reply with times that match your requests. You can also call 303 442 2379. In addition, if you want music instructors to come to your home, see My Local Music Lessons.

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