Guitar Lessons Boulder Practice Advice

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Guitar Lessons Boulder Practice Advice:

Guitar Lessons Boulder Practice Advice

Practicing Guitar

This article contains Guitar Lessons Boulder Practice Advice. One of the common issues I see students struggle with is lack of focus. First, they need to know WHAT to practice and or HOW to practice. We all know we are supposed to practice. However we all have busy schedules. Also, we need to know how to go about it in the most effective or efficient manner! Yes, carving out time for your passion takes commitment. Finally, without the right structure how do we know it is not just wasted time?


Practicing Music Is An Investment:

Practicing music is an investment. Imagine if you went to the bank and deposited your paycheck, and they required you stop back every day to make sure its still there. Failure to do so, would result in the $ being gone after a couple weeks. You’d say NO WAY!

The truth is, with music, thats the way it works. If you don’t go back regularly, repeatedly, you lose the time you spent in previous sessions. The time you invested gets deleted from your account! Ugh!


Practicing Consistently:

Our brains are programmed not to remember stuff unless we give it key signals to do so. One of the key signals it needs, is consistency. We get this with repeated practice sessions, on regular basis. This gives the brain the signal to go remember this info, this muscle movement, this concept”, etc…whatever it may be. When the brain receives enough consistent signals, it will start to remember. On the other hand, try cramming for 2 hours once every couple weeks and 90% of that time spent is wasted. The brain will forget 90% of that info if you wait 2 more weeks to revisit. So, I encourage regular practicing, in short easy to achieve sessions. At Boulder Guitar Studio, I design custom programs based on your needs, interests, ability, goals and favorite songs!


Balanced Practicing:

I recommend a balance in your practice session. This means structured technique and theory practice, and then applying it in songs from your playlist. If you have 20 mins a day, then we do 10 mins of structure, and 10 mins of songs. Or if you have 30 mins a day, we can do 15 mins of structure, and 15 mins of songs. What is most important is to get a regular schedule and routine, that you can achieve easily. This works the same way a sports coach has the team do drills and exercises, and then they scrimmage in the 2nd half of practice. If we only scrimmage, we never learn new techniques. Also if we only work on technique, we have no place to apply it or appreciate its relevance to OUR favorite songs and styles.


Applying What You Practice:

The info you learn, needs to relate to something familiar, in a real life experience. This is another key item the brain needs, in order to remember. Perhaps you have tried learning theory but don’t think it applies to the indie bands you listen to. However, its simply that no one has shown you how and why those songs work. Just because you are not aware of the theory doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Like gravity…you can claim it doesn’t affect you! Music theory explains every song. Its just a matter of having someone explain it in normal every day language and how it relates to every song you’ll ever want to learn.


Don’t Throw Away Your Investment:

SO, does your music teacher give you a clear outline of what to practice? Does it show for how long, and why its important to your favorite songs? Is your program a one size fits all, or is it customized, based on your needs, ability, goals and favorite styles? If you aren’t sure, you could be throwing away your investment of time and $ for the lessons.

If this is you, try my programs at Boulder Guitar Studio, for guitar, bass, ukulele, dobro, lap steel, voice, songwriting and more! I have 20+ yrs FT experience creating custom programs, and can guarantee you will see the progress you deserve if you follow my program!


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