Guitar Lessons Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville CO

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Guitar Lessons Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville CO


Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Voice Lessons Boulder CO

Lee Johnson

At Boulder Guitar Studio, instructor Lee Johnson offers custom lesson programs on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, ukulele, dobro, lap steel, vocal and singing lessons, music theory, composition, songwriting and arranging, and home recording.


Boulder Guitar Studio Convenient Location:

Lee offers lessons from his new studio which is conveniently located in NW Boulder County, SW Longmont, off of N 75th St. Its 10-15 mins from everywhere! If you are in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette etc…you can be at Lee’s studio in a few minutes! Lee also has a new business My Local Music Lessons with a team of A+ background checked instructors. These instructors offer a wide variety of insturments including piano, voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, woodwinds, strings, drums and more! My Local Music Lessons offers in home lessons in areas from Ft Collins to Boulder, to Denver and everywhere in between. See more about that option below also.


Boulder Guitar Studio Lesson Approach:

Some or all these topics can be included in your lesson plan as needed. Lee has 20 yrs FT experience teaching students from ages 6 and up, beginner to advanced, in all styles of music.

Lee’s custom lesson plans are based around a simple but unique approach which creates a balance between 2 main components needed in any lesson program.


2 Main Components Of Balanced Lessons Program:

  1. The Technical Side: including fundamentals, techniques, exercises, structured practice routines are all included in 1 part of a balanced lesson plan. Imagine a sports coach, running the team through exercises, drills, skills building. Its a important to your goals for improvement to break things down into components to build your skills.
  2. Learning YOUR Favorite Songs: if all we do is the technical side, you never get a chance to see how and why it applies. If all we do is learn songs, you never learn how and why it all works. You don’t really improve just by learning songs alone. The KEY to this program is Lee provides the balance between both aspects and will SHOW you how items in #1 apply directly to YOUR favorite songs and styles in #2.

Lee outlines clear and easy to follow practice routines for your #1 technical side of lessons, and will help divide your time between those items and your #2 practicing songs that YOU choose in a playlist.


Playing Parts Slowly to Build Correct Technique:

Additionally, Lee can write out exact rhythm and or lead techniques. Subsequently, he records them at a slower tempo as a voice memo into students phone or device or using his recording equipment. This enables the student to get the technique correctly at slower speeds, and then progressively get up to the speed of the actual song. Finally, whether you are learning strum patterns, finger style, or lead guitar, this method and approach is highly effective.


Online Resources are Unreliable:

In addition, you can not find reliable information online. Every day student’s bring Lee TABS they downloaded from the internet. He will show them how far off base they are. Some TABS have some items fairly close, but with key parts missing, that make or break the song. Other TABS are just way off. Why? There is no “Board Of TAB Correctness” who moderate what gets posted online. Many are admittedly first attempts by someone who is trying to learn guitar themselves. Others come from more “reputable” sites, with fancy names. Trust us, 99% of them are WRONG! In addition, they don’t teach you what key you are playing in, what that even means, what scales and chords and arpeggios can be used in that key etc….


Learn Music Theory:

Lee breaks down music theory into layman’s terms. Lee filters out the stuff you don’t need, so you can focus on getting the info you DO need. He gives you the info that applies directly to songs, and styles, YOU are interested in! This saves you tons of time using trial and error. You can not get that kind of custom, detailed unique approach online. In addition, online cant offer live feedback and make corrections to prevent you developing bad habits. Also most other teachers, traditionally stick to approach #1 or approach #2, but rarely combine them in the way Lee has, for 20+ yrs FT in his programs.


Songwriting Lessons:

Lee is also a multi award winning songwriter, currently with songs placed in film Tv and Major Label Publishers pitching to other artists for radio play. His years as a veteran singer/songwriter guitarist give him credibility. Lee has toured nationally, and opened up for or shared stages with an extensive list of top national acts. This list includes Derek Trucks, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mnt String Band, Moe, Leftover Salmon, and many more. You can find out more about Lee’s successful career as a songwriter at



This info is important to you and your lesson program because it validates Lee’s skill level, and current professional experience. There are many who say “those who do do, those who cant teach”. However, Lee takes pride in proving that old adage WRONG! For Lee teaching is a way of sharing, giving back. If you have any doubt about Lee’s abilities and current active roles, come check out one of his local shows or see his songwriter website above.


In Summary:

If you are looking for custom lessons, for guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, dobro, lap steel, and more look no further. You found the right place! Boulder Guitar Studio!

If you are seeking lessons in YOUR home, see Lee’s new business My Local Music Lessons, where you can arrange a custom lesson program from one of Lee’s A+ Background checked instructors, who come to your home.


Special Offers:

With either business, 1st lesson is FREE with 1st month enrollment, using promo code 1stfree at checkout. Lessons are typically booked on a weekly basis. So head on over to the websites, check it out for yourself.

Also feel free to find us on Facebook at and or

We hope to get YOU signed up for the program you deserve soon!

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