Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Dobro Lessons, Boulder Longmont Area

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This article will inform you about guitar, bass, ukulele and dobro lessons in Boulder, and Longmont CO areas. First, there some items you may want to consider. These include where to get lessons, what methods of teaching work best, and how to learn your favorite songs. In addition, at Boulder Guitar Studio, you can get professional instruction to suit your needs. Instructor Lee Johnson has 21 years full time teaching experience and hundreds of pleased students.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele , Dobro Lessons, Boulder, Longmont CO

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele , Dobro Lessons, Boulder, Longmont CO

Where To Get Lessons:

There are lots of local stores or studios you can try. These sometimes have high turnover of instructors who aren’t very experienced.  Two great options are Boulder Guitar Studio and My Local Music Lessons. Boulder Guitar Studio offers professional studio environment. In addition, BGS can also incorporate home recording, and songwriting into lessons programs. My Local Music Lessons offers instructors who come to your home, and is a great option to avoid fighting traffic to and from the lessons! Finally, with A+ background checked instructors we take the guesswork out of who to hire!




What Methods of Teaching Work Best:


First, we believe the best approach is to create a balance. This balance is between learning the technical side of music, and learning your favorite songs. The technical side includes fundamentals, technique, theory and more. Your favorite songs are a critical part also. If you don’t apply what you learn it wont stick. In addition, if your teacher doesn’t have a structured curriculum deigned just for you, you deserve better! At Boulder Guitar Studio the approach is exactly what you need! This program will trim the fat out of any time wasted on the wrong things that aren’t related to your specific goals and styles. It will increase your results if you put in the time.


How To Learn Your Favorite Songs:


You will quickly find that TABS from the internet are unreliable at best. They are usually wrong. They are not written by someone with guaranteed experience. You will waste tons of time. Youtube and or other videos are another common pitfall. Online lessons can not adjust your hand position which can help eliminate months of confusion in one moment. A teacher with tons of experience breaking down the music theory, techniques and fundamentals you need to learn your favorite songs, is the most effective method. I guarantee if you do the required practicing and homework you will succeed in reaching your goals!


Getting Started:


First, to get signed up, email to check schedule. We will reply with available times and days for you to choose from. Also, you can either purchase a 4 pack on the website, or arrange with Lee directly. Finally, you can check out the helpful pages on the website, and our facebook page for more info!






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