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About Lee Johnson

Lee has 25+ yrs Music Instruction Experience, and is owner of Boulder Guitar Studio. First, Lee teaches guitar lessons, bass lessons, ukulele lessons, mandolin lessons, voice lessons, dobro lessons, lap steel lessons, music theory, composition, songwriting, home recording and more! Students come to Lee’s home studio location for lessons.

Lee’s Education

First, Lee studied music formally at CU Boulder as a minor. Later, he attended UCD Denver for a BA in Music and Sound Technology 1996. Subsequently, his successful custom teaching approach teaches YOU the fundamentals, techniques, music theory, skills and knowledge you need to become proficient at YOUR favorite songs and styles.

Award Winning Songwriter:

In addition to teaching, Lee is a multi award winning singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer. His songs have been placed in Film/TV and with Major Label publishers. For more info about Lee Johnson’s songwriting career, see LeeJohnsonsongs.com. Also, Lee has 25 years of performance experience, including national touring opening or sharing stages with with top national acts. Finally, Lee offers custom live music for corporate events, private parties, weddings, backyard bbq’s and more! Solo Guitarist, from background ambiance to full blown entertainment!






  • See Lee’s songwriter bio at Lee Johnson Songs, for info on awards and accomplishments


First, at Boulder Guitar Studio the teaching approach is to help you identify your goals and have fun reaching those goals. Also, Owner and Instructor Lee Johnson provides a balanced and flexible program designed to suit your needs. In addition, Custom lessons are offered for ages 6 through adult. This program accommodates beginner through advanced skill levels in a wide variety of styles.

Lee will work with you to determine which topics are most related to the style(s) you are interested in. You can maximize the time spent on the techniques and skills you need. Subsequently, you will master your favorite styles, and play all your favorite songs!

Topics of Study

Some or all of the following topics can be included in your lesson program, depending on your goals and stylistic interests:

Basic techniques, fundamentals, rhythmic studies, reading notes and/or tablature, and chord charts. Also included is Caged/Number system for 5 chord/scale/arpeggio positions, studying theory, ear training, and improvisation. This program also includes scales, chords, arpeggios, finger style technique, finger exercises, fretboard logic, advanced techniques, songwriting, composition. Finally we can also include arranging, key changing and transposing, use of capo, etc…and the list goes on.

You may only need to work on some of these topics depending on your goals and preferences.

Your Favorite Songs

Students are encouraged to make a playlist of about 24 songs. Lee will customize your program to include the specific info and skills you need to become proficient at YOUR favorite songs. Also, Lee can provide music for you, if you are not sure about styles. Finally, Lee will teach you the song as well as the theory behind it. You’ll understand which techniques make a song sound a certain way, and why.

Through this lesson program you will gain the knowledge and skills to continue learning on your own.

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  1. Jen

    Do you have space for two kids lessons? My boy is 14 and has taken a year of lessons and my daughter is 11 and has also taken a year of lessons. My son is interested in bluegrass, folk and rock. My daughter seems to be pretty focused on electric guitar and rock right now.


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  2. John Brown

    Hi Lee – Our 9 yo son Jack (10 in May) has studied guitar for ~5 years. He’s been with various instructors at Lesson Studio here in Boulder (all good), plays/sings in a number of bands, and also studies drums (though 85% of time is guitar). We are looking for a new instructor to help expand his capabilities, knowledge etc… starting summer (or even bit before). Below are links to a few recent clips of him playing for reference. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, John

    https://vimeo.com/149314149 (Fox December Clip – Lazaretto)
    https://vimeo.com/152459700 (Fox December Clip – Wanted)
    https://vimeo.com/162404814 (Feb Talent Show Clip – Crazy Train)

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